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100% Digital: maximum efficiency

The city of Amsterdam has been leading for years when it comes to digital parking enforcement. Already in 2008, digital enforcement was introduced by the scan car of ACI and the back office application of Agendum. Cition, the enforcement organisation of the City of Amsterdam, now employs a fully digital parking system. All parking rights are digital and parkers can only pay by phone or at the pay & display machine by entering the license plate number. The advantage is that the ticket (that has a risk of fraud) does not need to be placed behind the windshield any more.
As of February 1, 2014 the last part of the digitization process is completed: the paper PCN behind the wiper is history. The parking ticket is sent to the home address of the license plate holder, as is already done for speeding tickets.

The entire enforcement process is automated through the Agendum back office system SCANMAN: from checking the license plates to generating the parking ticket (PCN).

The enforcement process in Amsterdam has not only become tremendously more efficient by digital enforcement; also directing the Cition enforcement officers based on real-time information, contributes significantly to this. Agendum has developed an advanced planning tool, the PLANMAN. This allows for enforcement in the right place, at the right time and with the most appropriate means.


Efficiency through double use of the scan car

Utrecht is a lively city in the centre of the Netherlands. Accessibility of the City and the City Centre are important issues for the municipality. The amount of parking spaces in the historical Centre of Utrecht is limited. The City is using Pay by Phone and had a digital parking permit system. The Pay and Display machines require the input of the license plate number.
The use of digital enforcement in Utrecht has two goals: one is more efficient parking enforcement and the other is an effective way to enforce the environmental zone. Utrecht’s city centre has a designated environmental zone in which only trucks that meet certain emission standards are allowed be driven. Trucks that are used in the environmental zone must have permission based on their pollutant group. The enforcement is based on automatically checking the trucks’ license number, which is linked to the environmental class and vehicle age. If the truck does not have the required permission a fine is sent to the license plate holders’ address automatically.

Utrecht also uses an application that counts parked cars. Using this application while driving for enforcement tasks makes the scan car even more efficient. Agendum has made INFOMAN reports for the City of Utrecht for management and accountability of the overall parking enforcement process. With these reports the enforcement strategy can be adjusted to the actual situation. Agendum works together with Sigmax Law Enforcement. By connecting to the Sigmax enforcement software for hand held computers no extra investment for hand held devices or mobile software is necessary.


Increased compliancy rate

Digital parking enforcement with the Agendum platform and a scan vehicle is now also embraced by several boroughs in London. The main objectives are make the enforcement process more efficient by decreasing costs and increasing productivity. Another important advantage of digital parking enforcement by means of a scan processing platform is the huge amount of valuable information that is being captured. With the comprehensive web based reporting tool of Agendum the operator obtains clear and detailed insight into the productivity and results of the process in order to enhance better decision-making.


Digital parking enforcement using a scan scooter

As of April 2014 the parking enforcement from the town of Schiedam uses digital uphold. The scanman Agendum is used to optimally perform the enforcer process. The scan scooter is provided by SCANaCAR, provider of inter alia the scan cars in Amsterdam.

Schiedam is part of the City of Rotterdam and has about 76,000 residents. With digital uphold the enforcer process become more efficient in Schiedam many times, because the enforcers exclusively control the cars that no parking right is registered in the database. This saves a lot of unnecessary testing. In Schiedam, there are about 5,500 paid parking spaces.