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About us

About us

Almost a decade ago and since, Agendum has invented and developed the most sophisticated digital enforcement solution that is currently in the market. The strength of Agendum lies in the combination of insight into business processes and IT knowledge. Among our clients are municipalities and enforcement organisations. Our vision and method consistent with the needs of our clients for a reliable partner who knows their business well.

Our ambition is to provide for enforcement and mobility solutions as the customer wants it: of the highest quality, for a reasonable price and with an outstanding personal service; as a true partner who feels jointly responsible for the achievement of its objectives.

  • You benefit fully from our ten years of experience and innovation

  • We feel responsible that you achieve your goals

  • We ensure you of the best solutions and products

  • We give you outstanding personal support

What makes us different

Over ten years experience

Proven technology

Modular and scalable

Connects with all systems

Quickly up and running

Guaranteed safe and secure


Agendum Connected: we work with any kind of system

When working with Agendum, you don’t have to start all over, but you can start from the data, applications, software and infrastructure that are already there. We connect with them all.

Easy to expand

We build our solutions while keeping in mind that objectives and processes can change easily. So we are flexible and can adapt fast when needed. Agendum enables modular implementation and delivers all applications in small and clear steps, keeping a close eye on the long-term goals. We have developed a concrete roadmap to ensure a ‘worry-free’, timely and accurate implementation.

Safe and Secure

Agendum works with guaranteed secure networks and servers, which are all in compliance with the laws of data protection and privacy.

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