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Parking data analytics


Doing more with parking data

Agendum INFOMAN provides insight into the productivity of the enforcement process and how the objectives can be achieved. These reports are essential for the development of parking and mobility policies.

It is an important aim for Agendum to enable communities to use parking data as intelligently as possible. With the INFOMAN reports, team leaders, management and policy-makers can make decisions based on comprehensive and detailed information on the performance of the teams and parking behavior.

The INFOMAN processes and analyses all the data from scan vehicles, sensors and other data sources. The clear visualisation of the reports provide insight into the performance of the enforcement process and trends in parking behavior.

The web-based reporting tool provides insight into the productivity and outcome of the enforcement process and the extent to which the objectives are being met. It is possible to see the performance on the basis of two KPI’s at the same time, such as payment rate and enforcement intensity. It shows the relation between these values and how the enforcement process can be adjusted to achieve the municipal objectives, such as, for example, a higher rate of payment.


The INFOMAN reports are accessible through a secure website. The lay out is very user-friendly. With just a few clicks, the information can be filtered directly from a high to a very detailed level, without getting lost in a complex navigation.

Managent information

INFOMAN reports contain information on several levels:

      • Output:
        what is the productivity of the daily operational enforcement process, the teams and parking attendants?
      • Proces: where and how can the process be improved? How to avoid that not all the scans are followed up in a timely manner?
      • Outcome:
        are the objectives being met in terms of

        • compliancy rate
        • occupancy rate
        • digitisation rate
        • enforcement intensity

And what are the possible causes of deviations?

Taking area characteristics into account

For an effective enforcement policy and efficient enforcement operation it is important to take into account the characteristics of different neighborhoods. The urgency to deploy enforcement activities may vary significantly by area and by time.

For this purpose, Agendum has developed the Area Profiler. The application registers and processes all specific area characteristics such as payment and occupancy rates, duration of enforcement activities and most suitable way of enforcement. This information is essential for improving both the management of the enforcement process and policy development.

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