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Enforcement process optimization

Quick and flawless detection and enforcement

Optimised enforcement process by efficient and smart scan processing

The daily practice of parking enforcement consists of monitoring whether the rules are respected or violated, checking parking data and – if indicated – follow-up enforcement. For the parking enforcement operation Agendum has developed the SCANMAN.
This application ensures an automated enforcement process – from identifying vehicles to the issuance of a parking fine. That is the most efficient and least error-prone way: the time required to execute the enforcement operation is minimised and the most suitable means resource are deployed.

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How does it work?

The SCANMAN platform receives number plate scans from a scan vehicle and ensures smart and accurate processing of the data. The system connects to all parking rights databases and verifies the presence of a parking right. Additionally, it checks the accuracy of the scan, if the vehicle is parked in a paid parking space and if a parking fine should be issued. The SCANMAN directs the parking attendant to the location of the parked vehicle which appears not to have a paid parking right.


The SCANMAN platform is offered as Software-as-a-Service and is hosted by a Dutch certified provider. There is no need to buy specific hardware. You have a secured access over the internet to manage your settings.

Valuable data

The platform includes a database that stores all data gathered throughout the entire enforcement process. The data are a valuable source of information on parking behavior and the enforcement operation. All data are securely stored and directly anonymised in order to protect the privacy of the motorist.

SCANMAN connects with any system
SCANMAN is an open modular platform that interfaces with all types of systems, such as scan devices, handhelds , parking rights databases, parking permit systems, parking fine administration systems and management information systems.


Control of the process with Dashboard

The Dashboard provides insight into the progress of the current enforcement process and the performance of the teams throughout the day. The entire scanning and scan processing operation is displayed in near real time. In case of anomalies, timely intervention and immediate process adjustment is enabled.

Smart scan filtering for effective enforcement

By using various accuracy parameters the SCANMAN platform automatically filters out the disqualified scans that do not require follow-up enforcement by an on-street attendant. This saves an enormous amount of time and costs.

Even more efficiency with remote enforcement

The optional SCANMAN Desk Force presents all scan information on-screen to the Desk Force team first. The team applies selection criteria to decide whether the parked car requires on-street verification. In areas where all parking rights are digital , the Desk Force can directly issue a fine. This way, follow-up enforcement is reduced by 90%, saving even more time and costs in the process.

The dashboard provides for real-time monitoring of the enforcement process

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