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Digital Parking Handover in Paris

Agendum and Indigo wins digital parking handover in Paris.

As of 1 January 2018, new paid parking rules have gone into effect within the French capital.

As part of the parking reform, the city government has decided to entrust parking enforcement to select private companies.

Netherlands based Agendum and Indigo have teamed up to deliver 2 of the 3 contracts for digital parking enforcement.

This new system is the greatest leap forward for parking enforcement that the French capital has undergone since cars started driving on the road over 100 years ago.

Additionally, the current parking enforcers will now have the ability to scan vehicles at the rate of 1,000 per hour, a 12 fold increase from the old models that have been in place since the dawn of the automobile.

Agendum’s advanced systems will handle assessment of the scanned license plates, which has the ability to send real time data to a central platform.

Peter van Oorschot, Chief Commercial Officer for Agendum explains: “Our planning tool ensures that collected data can be calculated giving supervisors the unique ability to determine how the enforcement can be optimally deployed.”

For the first time, Paris receives parking enforcement information real time.

Until now, the city of Paris did not have statistics on the number of inspections carried out by enforcement agents.  It was mostly done with trials, errors and best guesses. But by implementing this system, they will be able to see data appear in real time.  This will allow managers to deploy recourses in high volume areas almost instantly.

The city of Paris currently has 141,000 parking spaces. When Agendum’s new system is fully operational, it will be able to provide several checks per day per lot.

This will also provide a huge boost in revenue for the city.

According to data provided by the City of Paris, almost 90% of motorists (excluding residents) currently do not pay for parking. This is a loss of approximately 400 million euros per year.  Now that Agendum’s digital parking solution is in place, this revenue can be recovered allowing the funds to be redistributed to improve city infrastructure and boost social programs.  The result will also provide the city with cleaner air and less pollution.

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